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Launch Professional Directory Websites to
Manage Members, Content, Payments & More

Take Command of Your Community

Designed for organizations of all sizes – includes everything you need to manage members, website visitors and more.

  • Manage subscriptions in your detailed member database
  • Members can control their accounts with self-service tools
  • Seamlessly import existing members into your new website
  • Engage your community with offers and email newsletters

Smart Payment Processing

Includes a complete suite of payment processing tools to manage your entire website’s finances and forecasting.

  • Connect your gateway to immediately accept payments
  • Recurring subscriptions are billed automatically
  • Generate leads and sell them to your members
  • Manage refunds and collect past-due payments

Hassle-Free Setup & Design

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert developer, it’s easy to update the design, look and feel of your directory website.

  • Adjust colors, fonts, layouts and more with a single click
  • Brand your website with your company’s logo and images
  • Customizable search modules to fit your specific needs
  • 100% white-label – our name never appears on your site

Optimized Publishing for Google

Easily create content and out-rank your competition with the help of industry-leading search engine optimization tools.

  • Publish articles with your own built-in blogging system
  • Stay organized with our world-class content manager
  • Create professional web pages in the intuitive page builder
  • Robust SEO templates and settings for advanced users

Ready for iOS & Android Apps

Your Brilliant Directories website is mobile friendly from the start, allowing it to be turned into a native mobile app.

  • Responsive design makes your site great on all devices
  • Save time and money ‐ no need for additional development
  • Visitors can interact with your site on phones and tablets
  • Your members can manage their accounts on the go!

We’re Here to Help You Succeed

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. You’ll always have access to our free support resources.

  • Create a support ticket to get help directly from our team
  • Extensive video tutorials and text documentation
  • Interactive community forum for all website owners
  • Join our weekly group workshops to get free live support

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