Do you know in which century we are living?

I know that this probably sounds rude, but when it comes to keeping up with websites, we need to be straight forward.

Ofcourse you ask yourself if your business really needs a website. This question you ask to yourself every time you get an offer to build a website, or when you meet any manager who tells you about their website, or, and it is the most embarrassing situation, when a client asks you about your website. So my question for you here: ” Can you really afford not to have a website?

In 2017, it is so vital for your business, no matter what’s the size, type and industry, to have an online presence that I would say it’s not a matter of luxury anymore, but it’s actually something important for your business to move forward and grow.

Not all websites serve the same purposes and functions. You have to know first your website needs. These needs might be very simple. You may just need the website equivalent of a business card, and this can be very basic, but very effective in terms of serving its purpose. The website purpose here is proving potential clients with a way of finding and conacting you.

You’re missing out on customers.

Let’s think about what you may loose if your business is not online.

Each and every potential client is using the internet. The first place these people are going to search is online. So the first thing you are loosing by not having a website is that  you are selling yourself short.

Your competitors are already online!

Yes Boss, they are online. Simply, if you want to keep up, having a website is no longer OPTIONAL anymore. Having a website for your business is ESSENTIAL!

Eventhough you are better than your competitors and you have better services and products, if they have a website and you don’t, you are actually running the risk of being left behind.

A website never rests.

Yes! Your website is like a department in your company, and this department will never take a break. It opens 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Customers will be able to find you whenever and wherever they like.

In the digital culture, time and space are no longer barriers.

Your website is perhaps the best promotional tool you’ll ever have.

Every time you meet a potential client, you give him a business card because you believe it is a promotional tool to remind him of yourself or to show him you are professional. Same thing when you provide him with a brochure or a flyer to let him know more about you and to stay on his desk. It is time to stay on his browser!

A website is your best face forward to potential customers. Whether you are a hair stylist, Tattoo artist, Lawyer, Architecture, Photographer or a whatever your business is, your business has a message.

Maybe you are committed to providing ethical, transparent services, or perhaps you are all about using 100% recyclable packaging. Regardless of what you represent or provide, a website is a great way to show off your wares and talents for people to see. Put simply, it is the best way to impress potential customers.

By including a portfolio or photo gallery, and displaying testimonials from satisfied clients you have worked with before, you can show people what makes your business unique.

Be Credible

Having a website isn’t just about expanding your reach, increasing your customer base and making it much easier for people to contact you.

Getting your business online is also about establishing your company as credible and trustworthy.

By simply having a website, you are immediately making your business seem more credible. So many people engage in a process of research when they are looking for particular goods and services, and businesses who aren’t online don’t seem active, current or engaged. They are not immediately perceived as credible. Why put yourself at such a distinct disadvantage?

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